Hasbro Lists M.A.S.K. As "New Brand" In June 2015 Overview Presentation

An official M.A.S.K. comeback appears to be drawing near. (I can't believe I'm saying those words.) News broke this morning on Toyark that Hasbro's Q2 presentation contained a hint that M.A.S.K. will be returning. After listening to the webcast myself and not seeing anything in the presentation, I asked Toyark directly on Twitter if they could direct me to the slide they posted that contained the announcement. 

It's not that I didn't want to believe, but after waiting for YEARS to hear official word that M.A.S.K. might return, I wanted to be absolutely certain. Toyark (and Baltmatrix) gladly pointed me to Hasbro's June 2015 Overview Presentation published on June 25, 2015 which lists M.A.S.K. along with Jem, Micronauts, Hana Zulu, and Action Man as a "New Brand!"

WOW. I'm almost speechless. It seems our years of patience might finally be paid off. Of course, it's still early and this evidence is all we have a comeback... but this is the first OFFICIAL sign we have received from Hasbro since they reclaimed the trademark in late 2014.

So after months of rumors and speculation, the question has finally changed from "will Hasbro do anything?" to "when will Hasbro announce its plans for M.A.S.K.?!" Will it be for the 30th anniversary? Will be it a new version based on the classic franchise? Will it be new toys only or will we get some supporting media like a animated series, comics or even a live-action movie? Stay tuned!!!

Thanks to our Facebook fans that first brought the Toyark story to my attention. It's a great day as Hasbro has finally given us a glimmer hope that we will see M.A.S.K. once again.

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