7 Vehicles In The M.A.S.K. Animated Series That We Wish Were Toys

After recently featuring my collection video on our YouTube channel, I was thinking about what is missing from the vehicles sets. Not from my collection, but what vehicles Kenner missed over the course of 4 toylines. After reviewing the series several times over the past month, I've come up with 7 vehicles/playsets that I feel would have made great additions. Some I feel were grossly overlooked by Kenner while others could have made great special edition vehicles.

One of the major annoyances as a collector is the lack of a V.E.N.O.M. base. Granted, V.E.N.O.M. seemed to have more makeshift bases as they journeyed around the world in the show, but I still think a playset would've been a great addition. V.E.N.O.M. also produced many special vehicles throughout the first season and I've tagged several that would've made great toys. On the M.A.S.K. side, I think an expansion on the Boulder Hill playset would've been great. Plus, there were two vehicles used extensively in the series that definitely should have had toy releases. See if you agree with my list below and maybe come up with a few more additions...

Oh how I wish the above image was real! I believe a few years ago there was a collector building custom Shark vehicles and selling on eBay (also check out this video.) It baffles me for as many times that Gloria appeared in the first season, even as just a co-pilot for Gator or Thunder Hawk, that she was not included in any of the first three Kenner toylines. The Porsche 928 that converted to a submarine always made me think of the Lotus Espirit that James Bond used in The Spy Who Loved Me. I understand that as kids we'd probably want to take it into the bath with us, but we still got Piranha with the sidecar sub, didn't we? Our imaginations could have adapted had Shark been produced.

I believe Blackout would've been a great addition to any toyline with a little help. The V.E.N.O.M. hovercraft vehicle which featured expandable mechanical arms could have converted into a black sportscar and perhaps featured a new version of an existing character figure. I don't remember if it was actually piloted by an agent or was just controlled remotely (I'll verify that on the next MASKast episode review), but either way, I thought it was a great concept for a vehicle.

M.A.S.K. Transport Plane
I know it wouldn't have been practical (or cheap) to produce a humongous plane that could fit even the tallest toy vehicles like Rhino, but G.I. Joe had the USS FLAGG carrier, right? Why didn't they include the M.A.S.K. transport plane in the 1st or 2nd series toylines for as much as it was featured in the episodes set around the world? Having space for just a couple vehicles would've been fine with the large cargo doors in the back and retractable landing gear.

Magma Mole
Magma Mole would've been a unique vehicle to have as a toy. Conversely to say Volcano, the vehicle could have featured a battery-operated mechanism to move the spinning drills in the front and the tank tracks to make it move on its own. And since it takes batteries, electronic lights for the cockpit and booster engines in the back could have also been practical.

Scorpion Shell for Stinger
Stinger's introduction to the animates series is probably my favorite of any vehicles. The reveal from inside the huge scorpion shell is a great moment. Imagine if Stinger's scorpion shell would have been produced as a special edition release! Even if it you were just able to move the pincer claws to grab M.A.S.K. vehicles, that would have been enough to make a very unique accessory.

Trakker Mansion Transport Vehicle to Boulder Hill
As I suggested above for Stinger, how cool would it have been if Kenner had produced the Trakker mansion transport vehicle as a special edition version of Boulder Hill or as an added accessory??!! What I picture would be a rail track that would have fit onto the base of the Boulder Hill playset and featured the transport car with a special Matt Trakker figure in a business suit!

V.E.N.O.M.'s Vanishing Airport Base
As I mentioned earlier, the lack of a V.E.N.O.M. playset is what bothers me most as a M.A.S.K. collector. One possibility for a playset base could've been the "vanishing" airport featured in the "Vanishing Point" episode. With Switchblade and Manta featured many times through the course of the show, it seems to reason that a hidden airstrip would fit V.E.N.O.M. and be an awesome rival to Boulder Hill. Multiple hidden guns and a small hangar big enough to fit Switchblade would have been necessities. It could also have featured another hangar or garage to fit smaller V.E.N.O.M. vehicles.

Can you think of anymore vehicles that would've great M.A.S.K. toys?

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  1. SHARK and the Transport would have been a great addition to the toy line. There were still a few that I never owned. I still wish I had all my MASK stuff to this day.

  2. I always hated that VENOM didn't have a base, when there was a perfect one on the show which was fitting for several reasons;

    The tanker/oil rig that was used in that episode in the Netherlands.

    It was a mobil base, allowing them to hide all over the world. It would also tie into the 'Snake Oil' theme the toys had.


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