This M.A.S.K. Energy Room Diorama Will Leave You Energized!

One of the staples of the M.A.S.K. animated series (at least in early episodes) was the "Energy Room" inside Boulder Hill. After the team has assembled and came up with a plan at the round table, the platform would elevate the agents into the energy room to receive their masks. They would be lowered from a large mechanical arm from above with Matt Trakker usually initiating the "energize" sequence. The masks would be charged and then each agent would pluck their assigned mask from the holder above.

Having the benefit of reviewing over half of the M.A.S.K. animated series now one-by-one, I feel like this sequence has been underutilized. Early on, it provided some continuity similar to the Voltron team using their keys to activate the lions or even Prince Adam becoming He-man. But even though it's rare to see the energy room now, the details of where the masks are stored and how they are charged shed some light into the origins provided in the "Green Nightmare" episode.

Well, our fellow agent Carsten Sacher who provided the prize for the recent Spectrum Mask Giveaway is back with an equally impressive creation. Carsten has recreated the M.A.S.K. energy room into a diorama complete with working lights!

As you can see, the diorama is quite large when compared to the Boulder Hill playset. The color scheme and detailing of the walls and floor are spot from the TV series. Take a look at some closer shots below.

But what really sells this as a great piece is when the masks and figures are added. I can almost hear the background music as the masks are lowered. Carsten also added some blue LED lights above the mask carousel to simulate the energize effect. 

All that's left to say is "Well done, Carsten!!" and we can't wait for the next M.A.S.K. project. Give us your thoughts in the comments and please let us know if you have a project that you'd like featured on the AOM website.

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