New Video and Photos From Upcoming M.A.S.K. Fan Film

Early last year we told you about an upcoming M.A.S.K. fan film and its director Dave Guivant. When we first announced, Dave showed us several shots including Brad Turner, Condor, and some photos of a stadium concert. Now, we've got several more photos and even some video to pass along as Dave continues his passion project. Along with the visuals, Dave has also passed along some information regarding the actors and even some new characters from the Peaceful Nations Alliance (P.N.A.) that has assisted M.A.S.K. on both the TV series and comic books.

First, we get a nice close up of the M.A.S.K. watch and alarm signal along with a few shots of the concert. I like the look of the watch. It has a real retro digital feel which is a nice touch.

Now, here the first short clip of some Brad Turner scenes. Watch as he responds to the alarm, rides Condor through the streets, and begins the conversion process! Great stuff!

Dave has also given us some information about the actors in the film. French Illustrator Delphine Delente will be portraying femme fatale Vanessa Warfield and Elle from the UK's Cardiology Cosplay will be Gloria Baker.

As a homage to Joe Del Beato, the inker for the original 4-issue DC Comics series, Dave has rendered his image into a cameo appearance. He will portray Admiral Dash Davis of the P.N.A. aircraft carrier U.S.S. Grant Noble and actress Jasmine Wright will be his lieutenant, Skye Masters. The video above is a short behind-the-scenes clip of what it takes to develop the graphics for each shot. Dave revealed to us that the names he chose for the P.N.A. characters and ship were taken from concept names given to him by one of M.A.S.K.'s original designers.

Finally, we get a shot of Thunder Hawk! Dave is using the classic look and here we get a glimpse as part of the M.A.S.K. agent call-up.

Dave is still striving to complete the film in 2016. It remains as one man production so the release date just depends on his schedule. We'll continue to update the progress of Dave's fan film as it nears completion.

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