Stan Bush's "High Noon" Chikara Theme Is The Perfect M.A.S.K. Homage

In our recent MASKast Chat with Mike Quackenbush, he talked about how he used M.A.S.K. as the inspiration for the first Chikara wrestling pay-per-view event. "High Noon" featured two major homages to the M.A.S.K. animated series, the first being the event's logo. The yellow lettering and the luchador-style mask in the bottom portion has some obvious similarities. In fact, our friend Scott at M.A.S.K. comics just "connected the dots" after listening to our podcast. Take a look logo at the official event poster and the logo in the bottom left...

The second homage in Chikara's "High Noon" event was the theme song by Stan Bush...yes, that Stan Bush. Most of you will remember his songs "The Touch" and "Dare" from the 1985 Transformers: The Movie soundtrack. While the lyrics reference Chikara wrestlers, it's pretty easy to hear the chords of our favorite animated series...

These two small tributes are a testament to just how much Mike Quckenbush is passionate about M.A.S.K. and his crusade to write a new comic book series. We ask our fellow agents again to show your support for Mike by join his #MASKcrusade. Watch his support video and then head over to Twitter and petitioning IDW Publishing on Mike's behalf with the hashtag #MASKcrusade.

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