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IDW Reveals 'Revolution' Comic Series Featuring Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K. and More!

Shortly after revealing plans for the new M.A.S.K. comic series a few weeks ago, IDW posted a cryptic image stating "M.A.S.K. is only the beginning...the Revolution is coming!" Today thanks to an exclusive EW article, we get our first look at the new Revolution comic series!

Coming September 2016, Revolution will be a 5-issue biweekly event series featuring characters from several Hasbro properties like Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, ROM, and Action Man. IDW Editor-in-chief Chris Ryall calls this shared universe a new status quo and not a reboot:

“We didn’t want this to be what fans have seen from so many others, which is a reboot or a relaunch where you’re asked to forget about all these characters and stories you’ve been following for years. It’s just now everybody will be acknowledging each other in a much greater way than ever before.”

IDW's Revolution from illustrator Fico Ossio and colored by Diego Rodriguez.
 (Click to enlarge)
Ryall also reveals in his EW interview that the team-up will be necessary because of Ore 13, an unstable form of Energon which is the substance that gives the Transformers life.

"There’s a version of that on earth, that has an adverse effect on tech, which adversely affects ROM, and changes the status of him and his villains, the Dire Wraiths. It affects the Micronauts universe in a way they didn’t expect, and then it also gives birth to M.A.S.K., which is a big new title we’re launching out of this."

For us M.A.S.K. fans, this Revolution event seems to be the origin story for the organization itself that will lead into the new series in November 2016. Writer Brandon Easton (which actually shared this announcement with us!) will be "handling the M.A.S.K. side of Revolution" and give us the origin of the M.A.S.K. team members in the subsequent series. In the new image, you can clearly see Thunder Hawk with a slightly-modernized look as well as more classic versions of Switchblade and Rhino.

What's still unknown is if Revolution will tie into Hasbro's previously-announced Cinematic Universe. The Visionaries have yet to surface so will they be passed over or replaced with Action Man? Will the new Transformers: The Last Knight include any references to these new comics? More will hopefully be revealed!

Tell us your thoughts about Revolution in the comments! What do you think about the M.A.S.K. vehicles in the new image?

[UPDATE: Watch the trailer courtesy Newsarama!]

Images courtesy EW

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