Five Exclusive Covers Revealed For 'Revolution' Comic #1

Comic Book Resources just revealed an exclusive look at five variant covers for the first issue of IDW's new Revolution comic series. Five different artists are behind the covers along with another concept piece by John Byrne featuring a mixture of the six Hasbro properties previously announced.

Let's take a look at Byrne's concept, followed by the variant covers for Revolution #1:

"Revolution" art by John Byrne.
Several G.I. Joe characters are shown along the bottom along with who?...yep, M.A.S.K. agent Brad Turner! I thought it was interesting that Cobra Commander seems to have joined forces with the Joes. Does that mean Cobra and V.E.N.O.M. will be fighting along side G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. in this series?

"Revolution" #1 variant cover by Adam Riches
This might be my favorite of the covers. how cool would it be to actually get a toyline like this back in stores? Even if they were just figures and not actual Transformers, I'd love to see a set maybe with Soundwave and Snake Eyes or how about ROM: the Space Knight and Matt Trakker!

"Revolution" #1 variant cover by Guido Guidi
When I first saw this cover and Optimus Prime in a G.I. Joe green, I immediately thought of this custom package featuring Duke and Optimus

"Revolution" #1 variant cover by James Biggie
What's really unique about all of the images we've seen so far is that Scarlett seems to have a major role in Revolution. She's in several of the covers and the fact that she is featured alone on this one tells me we'll be seeing her early and often in the series.

"Revolution" #1 variant cover by Ken Christansen
How awesome is it to see Matt Trakker in his classic flight suit and Spectrum mask??!! He just seems ready for action with Snake Eyes on one side and Jazz on the other.

"Revolution" #1 variant cover by Tradd Moore
The final cover features Optimus, ROM, Scarlett, Flint (I think) and I believe the guy in the middle is the new Action Man. I read a teaser at the end of ROM #0 and he looks similar.

Let us know your thoughts of the variant covers in the comments below and be sure to follow our site and social media for more coverage of M.A.S.K. in the new IDW Revolution series!

All images courtesy Comic Book Resources

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