M.A.S.K. at 30: M.A.S.K. Where Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon

Fellow Agents of M.A.S.K., I wanted to personally thank not only our MASKast agents Jason and Bill but also you our supporters of one of the 80s iconic franchises; Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.

We quite honestly can say that we enjoyed reliving and going down our top 10 favorite M.A.S.K. toys as well as Bill's extensive collection. Thank you Bill for sharing that again!

Why an article post?  This began as a morning thank you post and continued to grow as I typed. First, if you did not get a chance to see all of our live broadcast, please go to our Agents of Mask Youtube channel. There you can watch us reminisce about M.A.S.K.

Secondly, as we stated in the broadcast that M.A.S.K. was one of those niche cartoons that somehow grabbed our attention. Some of us clung to this incredible franchise more than others with collections of varying types. Fast forward to the mainstream internet age, M.A.S.K. slowly appeared and fortunately cemented itself into a firm foundation with Boulder Hill, Matt-Trakker, and Albert Penello's MASK pages.

Shortly afterwards with an ambition, Jason and I appeared on the scene with a live-action script only to learn that there were two or three other fans that had a script either in the works or completed as well. From there, once we made our debut in the blog-world and with our MASKast podcast, M.A.S.K. thrust itself onto the scene. Many fans have come together with several celebratory avenues such as Carsten Sacher and Pit Viper's custom masks, Dave Guivant's M.A.S.K. fan film, Chris Babic's 8-bit M.A.S.K. characters, and several other creations to include our own AOM Jason's video creations as well as the interest from two celebrities such as Adam Goldberg and Noel Clarke who are interested in producing and directing M.A.S.K.

I highlight these because M.A.S.K. is appearing on the scene with more fans paying tribute and showing interest in this franchise. With Hasbro providing us with a small glimpse of hope, there are a great number of us "sitting on the edge of our seat" in anticipation.  M.A.S.K. has made an impact and it is all because of you. You the fans of an awesome franchise are making this happen. We encourage you to continue to push on with this effort. Review the WeWantMASK website as well as sign Scott Crawford's petition to get M.A.S.K. into the spotlight as a live action film.

Finally, because the day has past does not preclude us from continuing to celebrate 30 years of Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon. We invite you to "Get your mask on" with any fan collections, fan inspired art or creations, or a simple Dusty impression of "Yeehaw it's Mask Day!" Thank you all again for keep M.A.S.K. alive, as we mentioned last night, M.A.S.K. is gaining ground,

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  1. Great to see it getting more recognition. Happy 30th MASK!

    1. Yep, & let's just hope that Hasbro can relaunched the legened just like My Littlr Pony, Pound Puppies, The Littlest Pet Shop, GI Joe, Duel Masters, & Transformers did!


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