Vanessa Warfield Cosplay By DJForce

Awhile back we featured some great Matt Trakker cosplay by DJ Force. What sets apart his work from anything I've seen is not just the detail of the costumes, but the effects added to many of his photos. The extra touch of special effects and vehicles really bring the characters to life.

This time we are featuring some excellent cosplay of Vaneesa Warfield! From her bright blue and red costume to her Whip mask to her black-streaked red hair, cosplayer Irulan Corrino (aka Vanessa) looks ready to take on M.A.S.K. agents anywhere. Some others really nice touches in these pics includes adding Manta to the background and also the effects of the Whip mask being engaged. There are also a couple shots with Vanessa using her sidearm with Billboard Blast in the background. Check out a few of the photos below and be sure check out the complete album.


All photos courtesy DJForce

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