Jason's Top 30 M.A.S.K. Vehicle Sets: 11-20

So far I've given you my #21-30 picks and the 9 sets that just didn't make the cut. Now it's time to reveal the sets that snuck into my top 20. Again, in case you missed the previous posts, this Top 30 list is primarily based on my personal opinion as a collector and my experience with the toys growing up in the '80s.

It's time to reveal my choices for #11-20! In this post, I'll be using images primarily from Boulder-Hill.Net's toy section. Onward toward the top ten!

#20 Wolfbeast (Series 4)
I'm in love with Corvettes which is primarily the reason I chose Wolfbeast to be in my top 20. C'mon, a '63 split window with spiked tires and custom flames? Nothing but eye candy for me. The defense mode vehicles are okay, nothing really that spectacular except for the twin firing missiles on the flying shuttle. What's also noteworthy is the awesome spider design on Miles Mayhem's suit and almost pig-like Viper mask.

#19 Firefly (Series 2)
Firefly was one I never had as a kid, so I've never held it with high regard. M.A.S.K. had many flying cars so this one was always middle of the pack for me. The two action buttons for spreading the wings and dropping the bombs are very nice features, but the wings guns always seem to get bent when folding them back together.

#18 Meteor (Series 3)
Meteor is similar in function to Skybolt, with an awesome large jet that splits into a smaller "pod" and ground vehicle. I've always liked how it separates in half and that "mobile tank' was more of a shooting platform for the two missiles than a vehicle. The bomb dropping action on the pod is fun too.

#17 Buzzard (Series 3)
I've always thought Buzzard was a great setup. The two sidecars really aren't that appealing, but the fact you could shoot both of them out at the same time and then proceed to fly the drone jet was cool. I even bought into the spoiler becoming some sort of hang glider. The ease of re-assembly also makes this a fun vehicle.

#16 Volcano (Series 2)
The fact that this sucker was motorized with two C batteries was enough to make my top 20. I didn't have Volcano as a kid, but any vehicle with motorized action had the wow factor. The hidden guns and the "metal shedding hubs" were nothing special, but the fact that Matt Trakker and Jacques LaFleur could go after Mayhem on their own was definitely enough.

#15 Piranha (Series 1)
Piranha was one I played alot with as a kid. Funny though, it was mainly the motorcyle (without the windshield) than the sub sidecar. I've always liked the action buttons to reveal the hidden sub guns and fins, and of course the sub launching action. The accent colors of the stickers are pretty rad as well. Certainly had the playability for a simple concept.

#14 Manta (Series 3)
I'm not sure why it took 3 series of toys for Kenner to produce Manta, as much as it appeared in the early episodes of the animated series. However, I'm really glad they didn't pass on it like Shark. (Doh!) The two action buttons for the nose guns/wings and the passenger ejector seat are definitely the best features of the vehicle. I've always like the design of the license plate action for the hidden engines in the hatchback.

#13 Gator (Series 1)
Gator was relatively simple, but it was a Jeep and they were wildly popular when I was a kid. Plus with Piranha, the good guys needed a boat and the convenient depth charge was perfect for taking out Rax's sub. The launching action of the toy was much better than Piranha. I always thought too that the little divot on the boat's hood was a great place to store Dusty's Backlash mask when he was just driving around.

#12 Jackhammer (Series 1)
Jackhammer was great for a couple reasons. The clunky sound the turret made when it popped up from the bumper button was very satisfying as a kid. Of course, being able to rotate the turret 360 degrees was very nice as well as the convenient storage spot underneath for the turret gun. The best part was the machine gun action of the grill guns when you pushed Jackhammer after M.A.S.K. vehicles. 

#11 Raven (Series 2)
Again, I'm a Corvette guy so it's easy to see why Raven almost cracked my top ten. Loved the color contrast of Calhoun Burns suit as well as the door stickers in seaplane mode. The rotation of the hood was another great sound as a kid and of course the loading and firing of the sawblades was brilliant design. My only quorum about the vehicle was the inability to strap in the driver with the provided seat belts (like most of the other M.A.S.K. vehicles that featured them.) Still, Raven has proven to me as one of the most durable and playable vehicles in the entire toyline.

Next up is my top ten!! Pretty easy to figure out which vehicles are left, but you'll have to come back to see what order I placed them!

Did I list your favorite vehicle too low? Is one of my picks way too high? Maybe my picks line up with what you would have chosen. Either way, be sure to leave a comment about my Top 30 list!

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