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Tommy Lee Edwards Teases New M.A.S.K. Comic Cover On Twitter

M.A.S.K. comic book cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards recently teased some new drawings on Twitter. If you'll remember, Edwards is the artist that gave us that awesome cover image to go with IDW's announcement about a month ago. He has now "finished the next M.A.S.K. cover" and tweeted the proof to eager fans.

I've snagged several images below in chronological order so you can see how it all came together. Of course, these are far from the final product, but there are still some great details in the drawings and which continue to primarily feature classic mask and vehicle designs. Edwards didn't give us a full view of the cover, but that didn't stop this anxious fan from trying to piece it together! Check it out...

It's pretty clear even from these early stages that Matt Trakker inside the Thunder Hawk cockpit is going to be the main feature. Brad Turner and Condor are also on scene along with Rhino firing it's smokestack guns and a swooping overhead shot of Firefly. Hurricane is also in attack mode with a new hood-mounted gun and Dusty Hayes in the Gator boat.

These final two images are the completed drawings with Edwards saying it was "time to scan and color..." And then you have my poor attempt to mash the drawings together to see an overall picture...

I'm really excited to see more! I'm also still a little baffled at trying to make sense of these cover images and the information that writer Brandon Easton has released about the story. Hondo and Dusty have not been mentioned as being included in the new story yet we have see them and their vehicles in both covers by Edwards. I guess more will be revealed in time.

Make sure to follow Tommy Lee Edwards on Twitter as hopefully we'll get more teases throughout the summer!    

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