M.A.S.K. Episode 3: The Book of Power

Episode 3: "The Book of Power"
Air Date: Oct 2, 1985

PLOT: VENOM steals an ancient book which holds the secrets of a mythological city of riches.

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UPDATE 2/25/12: 45% of voters rated this episode "3"   27% gave it a "4"

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  1. This is just an average M.A.S.K.-episode. It has a few good scenes, but after my opinion it`s not exciting enough to be placed above average. I would still like to point out one scene, and that is the fighting-scene at Boulder Hill with the transforming headquarters. I would REALLY have liked to see some more scenes like this in the series. There`s too little information about the headquarters. I think there`s only one more episode where we actually see it transform.

  2. The only flaw in the episode is having this temple in the same area as wherever MASK is stationed. I think you said in an earlier podcast that the first few episodes were made for Britain but I still don't know how a lost city called Mon Paco would exist in this area. Otherwise, good episode.


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