Jason's Top 30 M.A.S.K. Vehicle Sets: 1-10

The top ten is here! Hopefully you've viewed my #11-20 picks, my #21-30 picks, and the 9 vehicle sets that didn't make the cut. I put quite a bit of thought into which toys really deserved to make the top ten. I did manage to include at least one from each series which wasn't my initial goal. However, ignoring the Racing Series or Split Seconds just because they weren't prevalent in the cartoon is essentially not fair so I'm glad all series are represented.

Let's count down the Top 10!

#10 Stiletto (Series 4)
If you ask me what car (not from TV or film) defined '80s style and I'd most definitely answer the Lamborghini Countach. Although not Shark, Gloria's last hurrah as the driver of Stiletto quickly became my favorite among the Split Seconds series. Two flying vehicles from an exotic car is just cool. I like the mechanism built in that releases and locks the helicopter blades. Plus, the helicopter had a firing missile in the back and the jet had drop bombs. And even though her mask wasn't called Aura, it sure looked like it. I also didn't mind the new color scheme of her suit because it made her stand out with the detailing of the mainly white vehicle.

#9 Laser Command
Laser Command is easily the coolest M.A.S.K. toy ever created that no one seemed to own. I had no idea it existed until I started recollecting a few years ago. The technology I liken to the Thundercats Cat's Lair playset which I had as a kid. M.A.S.K. toys finally got to shoot actual lasers! I believe the technology overshadows the fact that Ratfang was a repainted Firecracker (that was probably overproduced by Kenner) and Matt Trakker's Hornet was a flying wooden crate. Had Laser Command (why didn't they spell it with a "K") come out earlier in the toyline, I think it would've been more beloved among the fans.

#8 Outlaw (Series 2)
We fans continue to lament the fact that V.E.N.O.M. never received a true playset. Outlaw was the closest thing though with a projectile weapon that could take out pretty much anything within the perimeter of your room. The grappling hook weapon with string was cool and I love all the little hoses, satellite dishes and such to setup the "mobile headquarters." It looks a bit ridiculous in the cartoon, but the toy was really fun to play with. A friend had it when I was a kid and when it was my turn to be the bad guys, I was all over Outlaw.

#7 Condor (Series 1)
Condor was the M.A.S.K. toy that everyone had. I could probably argue it was the most affordable toy vehicle in the '80s that still had wow factor. It was easy to convert, had helicopter blades to spin, and the bright green color was unmistakable. Brad Turner, the rock star, was still cool even when he removed his mask because he still wore those '80s Ray-bans! Sometimes with toys, less is more and that's how I've always viewed Condor.

#6 Goliath (Series 3)
Goliath is a giant among M.A.S.K. toys. If you enjoyed the racing series of vehicles, this was a must-have. It had not one, but two large missile launchers! And how cool was Matt Trakker's F1 racecar that had it's own launch platform??!! Not to mention it came with two figures and pretty cool transforming action. It took me awhile to acquire one for the right price, but it was truly worth collecting.

#5 Switchblade (Series 1)
Switchblade is so unique. It never bothered you as a kid that it was just two flying vehicles, because it had some great action. No more spinning the blades manually when you have a button that turns them for you! And the "thunk" of the wings folding out when you moved the tail fin was awesome.The hidden guns appearing and the missile dropping action were also fun features. Plus I always liked that you could see Mayhem through the canopy. It was like his flying throne of evil.

#4 Rhino (Series 1)
Rhino also has so much going for it. The battering ram bumper was a great feature. I loved the passenger ejector seat for when Bruce's sayings become too overwhelming. The "fifth wheel buggy" as we call it was great to have when it was setup in defense mode. The big rocket was good, but not quite strong enough to really launch it into the air. I've always admired the color scheme too. It was another vehicle I coveted from my close friend who rarely let me come close to it.

#3 Boulder Hill (Series 1)
Boulder Hill was such a great playset. It was very versatile for kids who owned any kind of vehicles and became the place to gas them all up if you were lucky enough to own it. Plus who didn't love a good trap door? I remember bribing my mom with years worth of extra chores to buy one that was on clearance at the local department store. She did and it was the prize of my collection until she gave it away when I was at college. Nevertheless, I own it once again and still think it's one of the best playsets of the '80s.

#2 Hurricane (Series 2)
Hurricane holds sentimental value with me because it was my first "larger" M.A.S.K. vehicle (more so than the motorcycles.) I don't remember ever requesting it, but its remains as one of my favorite birthday presents as a kid. Above my personal value, I still believe it's a great toy, with the shooting spare tire, the rotating turret, and extending headlights. I even used the little buzzsaw that extends from the back bumper when I played with it. The bright blue color mixed with the flames and chromes is so vibrant. I also love Hondo's new look and even the mask which always looked to me like he had a pink mohawk. 

#1 Thunder Hawk (Series 1)
No big surprise here. The flagship vehicle of M.A.S.K. will always deserve to be my #1 as it remains the most recognizable toy from the franchise. The gullwing doors that flew open with the press of a button gave Thunder Hawk some great action. The dropping of the two gray bombs as you made passes on V.E.N.O.M. vehicles made it even better. The sharp contrast of the purple grid with yellow lightning bolts on the red car also made the vehicle stand out. Yeah, the spring for the doors has been known to get worn out, but that's only because it was used so much! I never owned Thunder Hawk as a kid, but man, did I ever want the one my friend owned!

So there is my Top 30 M.A.S.K. Vehicle and Figure Sets. I'm looking forward to hearing the reactions from my fellow fans. Please leave a comment about my list and tell me if I got it right or how you would rank yours differently.

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  1. Genius walk down memory lane. Think Rhino, Raven, Jackhammer and Hurricane go down as my favourites. Great toys. Someone make a film!


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