M.A.S.K. Episode 4: "The Highway of Terror"

Episode 4: The Highway of Terror
Air Date: Oct 3, 1985

PLOT: M.A.S.K. tries to stop V.E.N.O.M. who steals a supply of military plutonium to power an earthquake machine.

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  2. This is a great episode! I gave it a four at first, but changed it to a five after having seen it again. It has a good story and good action. I love the scene when Mayhem sits in the rocking chair in the beginning, and later when he lands in the balloon together with Rax to distract the military. Another great scene is the confrontation between Vanessa and Dusty, and the moment after when Dusty stands face to face with Switchblade. Great action!
    I`m probably going to give a lot of the episodes a four or a five, but I suppose if I thought that many of them deserved one or two, I wouldn`t have been such a big fan...

  3. This is one of the best of the MASK stories, with a more terrestrial crime (no aliens, space rocks, or magic books) and some good battles. Plus we get MASK performing rescue operations, having to let VENOM escape when the plutonium does the same, and dealing with collateral damage. Scott & T-Bob are used just right. They aren't in the action but the lake going dry becomes a clue as to VENOM's plot.

    Minor nipicks are having a cavern dug on a military transport route big enough to have a huge vehicle battle in and you'd think Mayhem would be smart enough to realize that if a transport route has been compromised, especially something as dangerous as plutonium, the military would change routes. (Unless VENOM has the whole area around Center City rigged with trapped doors to an underground cavern.) Overall a great episode for the series.

  4. By the way, had trouble posting without using the Google account (I've been BW Media thanks to Open ID, but it wouldn't work right when I tried to post) and I wouldn't be able to post if I didn't have the Google account.

    1. I've changed the settings, so hopefully there won't be any issues in the future. Thanks so much for your comments and participation!

  5. Mr. Spenson, the old man who lives at Clear Lake, is clearly aware of the MASK team's secret identities after having seen Matt decked out in his Rhino uniform.


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