M.A.S.K. DC Comics Vol 1 Issue 3

The quest to review the 4-issue set of M.A.S.K. comic books continues! Issue #3 was published February 1986 and was titled "The Family Jewels." We invite you to dust off your copies or visit the comics section at Boulder-Hill.Net to read and comment with our upcoming podcast review. 

You can participate by voting for your favorite issue(s) in the right hand column of this blog and also by leaving comments on the blog or poll. Here's a quick review of issue #3...

Vol 1 Issue 3 
'The Family Jewels'

The creative team on the third issue were almost identical to the DC crew for issues #1-2. They include inker Joe Delbeato and penciler Mike Chen with colors by Shelley Eiber and letters by D.C. Weiss who took over for Tim Harkins. The script was written by Michael Fleisher and the editor was Andrew Helfer. It was released in February 1986 for the cover price of US 75 cents. The story itself was 22 pages and some of the advertisements included a back cover ad for Voltron Force toys at Panosh Place, Monogram "Lightning" RC racer, Kenner Super Powers action figures, and DC Heroes role playing game.

The cover art teases "Mayhem over London" with Matt Trakker hanging onto a Switchblade skid for dear life. Inside, we pick up where issue #2 left off with Nash Gorey betraying M.A.S.K. and leaving them trapped. Matt tells Bruce and Hondo to use a hole in the ceiling along with a little help from Lifter and Blaster to escape.
Matt then gives Duane at the P.N.A. an earful after letting Gorey and V.E.N.O.M. to infiltrate security. Duane apologizes, but we learn that Duane is an impostor! The real Duane Kennedy is tied up at V.E.N.O.M. headquarters. We cut to an asylum in London England two weeks later. After a brief discussion, an explosion occurs...
...sending New Scotland Yard on a mission to bring in M.A.S.K. to investigate. Apparently V.E.N.O.M. has broken out a lunatic claiming to be the legendary Guy Fawkes. During his trip in Thunderhawk accompanied by Bruce, Matt inputs the mission data and the computer selects Dusty Hayes, Calhoun Burns, and Gloria Baker for the mission. Meanwhile, V.E.N.O.M. and their new friend hijack some explosives from a London factory with help from their masks. M.A.S.K. meets up with Scotland Yard and launch a plan to protect Parliament from any new Guy Fawkes threat. The inspector gets a surprise ride in Thunderhawk while the other team members spring into action.
M.A.S.K. parachutes onto the roof of Parliament and foils V.E.N.O.M.'s goons from causing any damage. After a quick interrogation, the new Guy Fawkes gives up the plan to destroy more London landmarks. The inspector tells Matt he order the crown jewels to be moved with the threat of attack to the London Tower. Just then we learn the move played right into V.E.N.O.M.'s hands as they capture the jewels from an armored car. But M.A.S.K. doesn't waste any time and arrives on scene as Switchblade carries the jewels away.
Matt makes a daring attempt to stop Mayhem by jumping from Thunderhawk onto Switchblade. He cuts the rope and drops with the strong box in a nearby lake. Matt swims to the surface, rescued by Raven. Gloria and the inspector in the Shark vehicle intercept the Piranha sub from steal the strong box underwater. With Thunderhawk in need of repair, the M.A.S.K. team decided to retreat to Scotland Yard with the jewels. The story concludes with a scene at Boulder Hill with the Outlaw pulling up to the gas pumps. Buddy realizes he has been fooled but it's too late...
Read the entire third issue in the comic section at Boulder-Hill.Net and then give us your feedback. You can leave a comment below with your perspective of the art and story or read ahead to the conclusion of the ongoing saga in Issue #4. Don't forget to vote in the poll too!

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