MASKast 42: Review of M.A.S.K. Episodes 21-30

Jason and Wyatt host another M.A.S.K. episode review extravaganza! We are taking a look back at episodes 21-30 that we've previously reviewed on MASKast. We'll revisit our favorite (and least favorite) moments of each episode, our personal ratings & poll results, and also listener feedback taken from the most recent poll. We also talk about a defining moment within this 10-episode section and how they compare statistically to episodes 1-10 & 11-20. Finally, we'll review the special podcasts that were featured during this run and also talk about our MASKast plans for 2015! Thanks to everyone who joined us during this "season" and hope you'll continue with us on our M.A.S.K. journey next year!

Please help us spread the word about MASKast by giving a star rating and/or review on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. If you haven't connected yet with one of our podcast feeds, please click one of the images below. To listen to past episodes directly in your browser, visit our archive.


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