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7 Things You Might Not Know About Brennan Thicke AKA Scott Trakker

I recently found an article that Yahoo! Celebrity published last year on Brennan Thicke who M.A.S.K. fans know voiced Scott Trakker. Many fans also know that Brennan is the son of Alan Thicke (Jason Seaver on the '80s sitcom "Growing Pains") and the big brother to singer Robin Thicke known for the popular song "Blurred Lines."

After reading the article and researching a little about Brennan online, I found several interesting facts that might not be well known about him.

Brennan was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1986 for his portrayal of Scott Trakker.
The category was for Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in Animation: TV Series, TV Special, or Film Feature. He lost to David Mendenhall for his work in Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. Mendenhall was also nominated in the same category for Transformers: The Movie as Daniel Witwicky.

Brennan was nominated for another Young Artist Award the following year in 1987 for his portrayal of Dennis Mitchell on Dennis the Menace.
This time the category was Outstanding Young Actor/Actress/Ensemble in Animation Voice-Over. The award would go to Phillip Glasser and Amy Green for their performance in An American Tail. Brennan's uncle Todd Thicke was also a writer for the show.

A year later, Brennan's brother Robin was nominated for a Young Artist Award for his guest appearance on The Wonder Years.
Robin lost to Chad Allen for his role on My Two Dads.

Brennan cowrote a song for New Kids On The Block member Jordan Knight.
The song "Separate Ways" was released on his 1999 self-titled solo debut album. The song also credits Brennan's father Alan and brother Robin as co-writers.

Brennan is the director of the Venice Beach Care Center which is a non-profit medical marijuana collective in California.
The Venice Beach Care Center website describes the organization as "a consumers collective organization formed to donate and exchange labor, materials, money, and knowledge to assist the ill and disabled in cultivating, receiving, consuming, and trading medical cannabis."
Brennan has appeared on the TV Guide Network reality show "Unusually Thicke."
According to IMDB, you can watch him in the episode "Party House Rules" and also find him in stock footage of episodes "Baby Talk" and "Off the Grid."

Brennan is married to Dolly Thicke who is the founder of the wedding dress company Dolly Couture.
Brennan is CFO of his wife's company. They have one child together, a son named Tyler Brennan Thicke.

Image credits: AP, Wiki Commons, TV Guide,

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  2. Thanks for the info. Nice to know that he was nominated for an award for his outstanding work as Dennis. Interesting note about his uncle helping to write the show.


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