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We recently received a press release from independent filmmaker Dave Guivant about a movie project we can't wait to see...a M.A.S.K. fan film! We also were privileged to take a look at some intriguing screen shots of the film. Here is the description of the film in the director's words:

This (M.A.S.K.) adventure is a cross between G.I. JOE and FAST & FURIOUS. Some other insight on the storyline which will take place many years after the first season of M.A.S.K and Scott is going through college, fans can expect some updated vehicles as well as a new and more compact T-BOB.

Dave informed us that principal photography has already ended and the fan film is in post production with a goal to release in December 2016. Here are some photos provided including some behind the scenes shots and concept art:

Dave recently gained certification from The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. He worked on "The Solo Adventures", a Star Wars inspired student film which featured Han Solo and Chewbacca. This animated short won "Best Fan Animated Short Film" at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando with George Lucas on hand as a judge for the event. For more of his past projects like Captain Future and Invincible Iron Man fan films, check out his Vimeo page.

We'll keep you posted on Dave's M.A.S.K. project as we are informed. In the meantime, we wish him the best of luck and can't wait to watch it next year!

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