Watch The Retro Con 2015 M.A.S.K. Panel Featuring Doug Stone

Wyatt and I were given the privilege of participating in a M.A.S.K. panel at Retro Con 2015 with voice actor Doug Stone and fellow M.A.S.K. enthusiast Bill Faries of Matt-Trakker.Com! For about 45 minutes on Saturday September 12, we got to share the stage with one of our '80s animated heroes. 

Doug Stone voiced a total of 8 characters including Matt Trakker, Dusty Hayes, Bruce Sato, Hondo MacLean, and more during the 75 episode duration of the series. During the panel, we got to hear how he first got into voice acting and why M.A.S.K. holds a special place in his career overall. Doug also voiced several characters during the panel including some outside of M.A.S.K. like Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Solid video game.

Wyatt and I were both humbled to not only be present for the panel, but enjoy some lengthy conversations with Doug throughout the day. It was also great to share the moment with Bill who we've befriended online over the past several years and invited on MASKast several times. Unfortunately the audio was not the greatest for the video recording but hopefully you will enjoy it!

Thanks again to Retro Con for putting the panel together and allowing us to discuss M.A.S.K. on its 30th anniversary!

Bill also videotaped the panel which has a little better quality and can be viewed here.

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