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EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Comic Book Concept Art From Mike Quackenbush (Part One)

Hopefully by now you've heard about pro wrestler Mike Quackenbush and his #MASKcrusade to write the next comic book series for IDW. Since our interview with him on MASKast, we've really pledged our support since hearing about his passion and ideas for a M.A.S.K. series that doesn't ignore the original concept. Now, it's time to see Mike's vision come to life.

Over the next few days, Mike will be sending us some exclusive concept art to share with M.A.S.K. fans and go a little deeper into the pitch he hopes to present to IDW Publishing. The art will be revealed slowly from just sketch to final completion and will feature Mike's insight into the design and story.

Our first look is just a simple blue-line sketch of Switchblade bearing down on M.A.S.K. agents below. Here is the story behind it:

“I want to impart to new M.A.S.K. fans how awe-inspiring the vehicles can be. The transforming vehicles are a lot of what makes M.A.S.K. such a dynamic property. They need to be celebrated in the piece. So I wanted to know…what might it feel like to turn around and see your reflection in the steaming hot grill of Rhino? What would it be like to have your cover blown by a blinding light from above, and to feel the force of Switchblade’s propellors bearing down on you? So I reached out to my pal Doug Hills, a super talented artist, as I am no artist. How could we represent that feeling on the page?" - Mike

View part two of the concept art!

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