EXCLUSIVE: Comic Book Concept Art From Mike Quackenbush (Part Two)

Continuing our exclusive coverage of pro wrestler Mike Quackenbush and his #MASKcrusade to write the next M.A.S.K. comic book series, we present part two of his concept art. Our initial look into his passion project directed at IDW Publishing (Hasbro's comic book publisher) showed a blue-line drawing of Switchblade bearing down on several M.A.S.K. agents.

The simple sketch expressed Mike's vision to focus on the vehicles and how "awe-inspiring they can be." With the help of artist Doug Hills, this first image sought to represent just what it would be like to encounter a M.A.S.K. or V.E.N.O.M. vehicle.

Now in this 2nd stage, we see much more detail with the use of pencils and inks:

What a difference seeing this with Doug’s pencils and inks! There’s such depth to the image now, and I really start to feel the heft of Switchblade, which is exactly the point of this piece. We grew up with M.A.S.K. toys that weighed ounces and were made of lightweight plastics, but I want to feel the weight and size of the vehicles rendered on the comic book page. It would be terrifying to feel pinned down in a dune by this helicopter! Sometimes in the cartoon, I felt the threat to our heroes was low-level. Think about ‘The Currency Conspiracy’ or ‘Panda Power’ episodes. Almost no direct threat to M.A.S.K. I think V.E.N.O.M. needs to loom like a massive threat our heroes must overcome for the story to really land right. - Mike

View the final stage of the concept in vibrant color!

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