M.A.S.K. IDW Cover Artist Shares Work In Progress Images On Twitter

M.A.S.K. is closer than ever to a full comeback! We are super excited for the new IDW comic series that was formally announced yesterday and debuting this November. I hope you'll check out our latest MASKast Chat that breaks down the press release and USA Today story which included a single piece of artwork.

Although Anthony Vargas is listed as the artist for the new series, Tommy Lee Edwards did the cover that was included in yesterday's press release. He took to Twitter and Instagram yesterday to display some WIP (Work In Progress) images and also his "inspiration." He mentioned in a reply tweet that he used "pens, nibs, brushes, ink on paper and Photoshop color" to create the cover. Check out the WIP images below.

Here again is the finished product...

And this tweet indicated he knew where to get inspiration from...

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