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Nerd For A Living Podcast Interviews Brandon Easton

Brandon Easton, writer for the upcoming IDW M.A.S.K. comic series, sat down for an interview on the latest Nerd For A Living Podcast. Host Adron Buske doesn't waste much time asking Easton about the approach and concept for the new comic book. Easton talks about how the Fast & Furious franchise is a good model for how M.A.S.K. can be ushered into the modern era. 

Easton also talks about how building story arcs for characters will be very important in the beginning. As for the vehicles, he's not yet ready to reveal much about their new look, but hints that we might get a glimpse this fall. The podcast also goes into Easton's background with IDW comics including Transformers: Deviations and Andre the Giant: Closer To Heaven as well as being a staff writer for Marvel's Agent Carter

Download or stream Episode 62 of the Nerd For A Living Podcast. You can also search for it in your favorite podcast app. Thanks to M.A.S.K. PNA on Facebook for bringing the podcast to my attention!

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