M.A.S.K. #7 Now Available in Comic Shops and Digital Download

In the wake of the end of IDW's M.A.S.K. series, we must first close the two-issue story of the origins of V.E.N.O.M. that began in M.A.S.K. #6. Matt Trakker gets assistance from Cobra's Dr. Mindbender to tackle his demons head on. Read a free preview of M.A.S.K. #7 at Comic Book Resources showing Matt reflecting on the past. Here is the official synopsis:

  • As Matt Trakker continues his investigation of V.E.N.O.M. with the help of Dr. Mindbender, the dark secrets of Matt’s past dealings with his former teammates is brought to the light. Before Matt recruits new members of M.A.S.K., he must close the chapter on his responsibility for the Origin of V.E.N.O.M.!
  • Conclusion to this special two-part origin of V.E.N.O.M.!

Story by Brandon Easton
Art by Juan Samu
Colors by Jordi Escuin
Letters by Gilberto Lazcano
Cover Art by Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is the featured cover artist for M.A.S.K. #7 and captures Miles Mayhem with an outstretched fist. 3 variant covers will also be available including two subscription variants, one from Juan Manuel Frigeri that shows a grid montage of agents with vehicles in the foreground and also a cover by Antonio Fuso featuring Bruce Sato being startled by a large Viper mask. The rare 10-copy incentive cover will be from Marcel Perez Dalannays for the second straight issue and features Matt Trakker, Miles Mayhem, Brad Turner, and Vanessa Warfield. From page 2 of the new book, here is a guide to all of the covers:

Visit your local comic shop today to pickup a copy (find one here) or download digitally from IDW PublishingAmazonGoogle Play, or Comixology. You can also find discounted back issues at Things From Another World

We encourage our fellow fans to pickup a copy today and share their opinions. Tell us what you think of the new book and we might include your comments in an upcoming MASKast podcast.

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