M.A.S.K. Episode 51: Dragon Fire

Season 6 of MASKast begins with our review of episode #51 "Dragon Fire" in our next podcast. V.E.N.O.M. travels to Borneo to seek a lost temple and its hidden treasure. M.A.S.K. tries to stop them but encounters the temple's lizard guardians in the process.

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AIR DATE: Dec 9, 1985
CHARACTERS: (M.A.S.K.) Matt Trakker, Julio Lopez, Brad Turner, Gloria Baker, Scott & T-Bob. (V.E.N.O.M.) Miles Mayhem, Floyd Malloy, Bruno Sheppard, Sly Rax.
VEHICLES: (M.A.S.K.) Thunder Hawk, Firefly. Condor, Shark (V.E.N.O.M.) Stinger, Vampire, Piranha.

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  1. Pretty good episode and better than some I have seen. Only complaints would be that there's not enough of Venom and too much Scott and Tbob. The jade making the lightning green was a great idea though! 4/5
    Tyler Houck


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