Read Issue 3 of the 'M.A.S.K. 85' Comic Book

Kero Wack's 4-issue M.A.S.K. 85 fan comic continues with Issue #3! (Be sure to read Issue #1 and Issue #2 if you haven't yet.) The next issue titled "Vicious V.E.N.O.M." begins with another quick flashback to Andy and Matt and then, both teams discuss their strategy in the 1985 present day. Mayhem's plan to take over the country is revealed with an epic showdown between him and Matt Trakker at the end! Plus, lookout for a T-Bob cameo.

Check out the 22 pages of M.A.S.K. 85 Issue #3 below. Be on the lookout for the epic final issue soon! Leave a comment with your thoughts on the series so far...

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