Vehicles In Our Script

Here are the vehicles used in our M.A.S.K. movie.
Switchblade is the first vehicle to make an appearance in our script. It is the jet/helicopter combo as in the cartoon. Miles Mayhem is the primary pilot throughout the movie.
Thunderhawk is the first prototype vehicle created for M.A.S.K. A mid 80s Chevy Camaro is used and is exactly the same setup as in the cartoon. Matt Trakker pilots this vehicle
Rhino has been given a new look for our movie. We used a late model big rig for Rhino, but still with the classic weapons. Rhino still uses the battering ram grill, smoke stack guns, and tandem buggy and also can be used as M.A.S.K.'s command center. Alex Sector and Bruce Sato are it's pilots.
Driven by Brad Turner, Condor also has been given an updated look as a present day motorcycle. As in the cartoon, Condor has a helicopter mode.
With the new 4 door Jeep Wranglers available in the present day, we figured on of those would be a perfect fit to conceal Gator's boat. Dusty Hayes is the driver of our new Gator.
Driven by V.E.N.O.M.'s Vanessa Warfield, Manta is the mid 80s Nissan 300ZX as in the cartoon. Same weaponry and capabilities as in the cartoon.
Mid 80s Ford Bronco is still the look for Jackhammer. Cliff Dagger and Bruno Shepard use this vehicle during the movie. Cliff is used as the driver with Bruno in the turret gun.
Sly Rax's vehicle is also the same as you remember in the cartoon. Motorcycle complete with sidecar minisub is used in the movie.
Boulder Hill
Not really a vehicle, but figured we should add it to the list. Boulder Hill is handpicked by Matt Trakker as M.A.S.K.'s headquarters in our script. Matt stumbles across the old rundown gas station, which is still owned by Trakker Oil, and finds out after a few minutes of exploring that it is perfect to conceal his plans to develop M.A.S.K.

Here are a couple of facts that we'll possibly reveal later on this blog.
#1 There is a reason that mostly all of V.E.N.O.M.'s vehicles are still the mid 80s models from the cartoon.
#2 As with the characters, we planted some easter eggs in our script for adding 2 vehicles to the M.A.S.K. team in a possible sequel. Please leave a comment for what 2 vehicles you think they are!