Retrocon 2024

Script Update

First, a thank you to those who have joined up with us in the past few weeks. We've received some great advice, suggestions, and comments.Wyatt and I both truly appreciate it! The feedback from everyone has really given us a push to go back over the script. We are currently doing some reformatting and editing to make sure it is perfect! At the same time, we are going to keep our longer version, so whoever buys our script will get both. The long version will have all the POVs, camera angles, and descriptors that we envisioned when we wrote it. The condensed version will mainly be formatted for industry standards.

Blog Notes
Keep passing the word to M.A.S.K. nation about us! We're now using pretty much every social media outlet to help us broadcast awareness of our script. Suggest us to your friends or post a link on your site or page. We'll gladly add yours to our blog links. Just post a comment to this post.
Our poll question will end on February 28. Make sure you cast your vote on who you think should play Matt Trakker. We'll post the results and hope to hear some feedback. A  new question will begin in March.

Thanks again everyone!

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