Script Update #4

Hello again M.A.S.K. fans!

Been a little while since our last script update, so thought I'd pass along what's new!
Over the last month, Wyatt and I have been going over the entire script, using the suggestions we received from our filmmaker friend Patrick Hunter. It's been a tedious task over the last few weeks, but we feel it has greatly improved the final product. Most of it was actually basic stuff that we really didn't do when we initially completed it in 2010. Stuff like making sure we incorporated all the character's masks and vehicle features, smoother dialogue, etc. Now, I really feel we have the best possible script that we can show and pitch to whoever will listen.

We are now finalizing everything and making sure our registry and copyright are in place. Soon, we will be pressing again to get it into the hands some film industry people and recruiting more people to follow us here and on our social network pages. We will definitely keep you posted on our progress! Thanks so much for supporting us!


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