Script Excerpt #2

Hello M.A.S.K. movie fans!

Today we are pleased to release a second excerpt from our script. This partial scene takes place at a concert arena. Gloria Baker and Alex Sector are at a rock concert featuring Brad Turner and his band. They have come to persuade Brad to give up his rock career and come back to complete Condor. 

There are a few hints as to what has happened to the M.A.S.K. team up to this point and also why it's urgent for Brad to rejoin the team.



The arena is setup for a concert.  Thousands of people are in attendance.  Gloria and Alex are standing close to the stage, both having backstage passes around their necks. Alex is wearing earplugs. The band is performing and the lead guitarist goes into a solo.

                             (Screaming to Alex)
              He’s good, isn’t he!

                             (Louder and slower than before)
              He’s good, isn’t he!!

              Yes, masterful! Eric Clapton has nothing on him!
              Can we go backstage now and wait for him!

Gloria and Alex make their way to the backstage area.


They both have been standing and chatting in a hallway, waiting for Brad to meet them. The loud music has stopped. Alex has removed his earplugs.

               I’m telling you, I have no idea what happened to Switchblade.


                I haven’t received many details from the General, but I do know it never landed in California last night. I’ll tell you more later...I see Brad.            

               Hi, Gloria...Dr. Sector.  

Brad approaches.  He and Gloria exchange a cheek kiss.  He shakes Alex’s hand.

                                     BRAD (cont.)
               Thanks for coming to the show. I must say, I didn’t expect to see you both again so soon.

               Well, I wish I could say this was a social visit.

              Brad, you’ve helped me so much in the past year with vehicle development. I can’t thank you enough.
              I appreciate that.

              I know your music career has taken off since you last work for me, but I’d like you to come finish what we began.

              What do you mean? I thought the government shut everything down?
              We are putting the band back together, so to speak. We need your help.
              By finishing, do you mean the Condor project?

              Yes. All I’m asking is to complete it and take it out for a little demo run.

              Well, you are in luck.  This was our last concert for who knows how long. Our lead singer just told us he signed a contract to go solo. Me being the adrenalin junkie I am, there would be nothing better than being on that bike. Who’s funding the project now?

              Matt Trakker.

There is a moment of silence.  Brad thinks a moment.

              Okay, I’m in.  When do we begin?

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