Happy 26th Birthday M.A.S.K.!!!

On September 30, 1985, the first episode of M.A.S.K. aired on the USA cable network in the United States.

The first season of M.A.S.K. lasted 13 weeks through December 27, 1985, broadcasting 5 new episodes per week. Afterward, those episodes would run in syndication through Sept 6, 1986, when M.A.S.K. returned with it's first new episode for Season 2. Only 10 new episodes aired in the fall of 1986, about 1 per week, which ended with "Cliff Hanger" on Nov 26, 1986. Although a new toy line and even video games were released in 1987, no new cartoons were produced but M.A.S.K. continued to run in syndication.

In celebration of this date, we invite you to relive the very first episode of M.A.S.K., the Deathstone!


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