Spectrum Script Vision: Scene Locations

Hooo weeee! Howdy fellow M.A.S.K. fans! It's that time once again to give you an inside look into the M.A.S.K. the Movie script. This time, Jason and I thought we'd have some puzzling fun for you. See if you can fill in the blanks (here on Blogger or via FB) for 5 of the different locations we are using in our movie script.

1) Original mask technology is deployed during a battle in ___________.

2) ________________ Air Force Base, located in the Eastern part of the U.S., is where the mask technology is founded.

3) After being disbanded, Matt Trakker inherits his father's company and uses it as a "front company" in the very well known U.S. city, ________________, with a barren areas and lakes nearby.

4) Within the city limits above, this body of water, _________________, is the location of a battle scene between Gator and Piranha.

5) Another well known U.S. city, ____________________, in the neighboring state where V.E.N.O.M. makes their first attack.

We'll reveal the answers and give some more detail into each location next week! Have fun M.A.S.K. fans!

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