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M.A.S.K. The Movie Banners! Show Your Support!

If you have your own website or blog and would like to show your support for our M.A.S.K. live action movie cause, we have a couple flash banners we'd like to share with you. Here are two banners that you can embed to your site or blog or just share on Facebook or Twitter. (They link back to our Facebook page)

These are mainly to create awareness of our cause and to appeal to M.A.S.K. fans worldwide. The more fans we can get to join us, the more Hollywood will see that this movie needs to be made!

Size 250 X 250

Size 468 X 60


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  1. We'll definitely add this to our site! Support the movement!!!

  2. Im a toy collector and definitely a MASK fan i want the new movie and the MASK toys to come out with the latest technology in car designs and weaponry.

    Cheerz !!!

    Support my blog too