Cliff Dagger Poll Results

Thanks to those of you who voted in our November actor poll. The results were VERY close but with 34 votes and 48% of the overall vote, your choice to play V.E.N.O.M.'s Cliff Dagger is Michael Chiklis!

Steve Austin was a close second with 31 total votes and 44% overall. Rob Corddry received 4 votes (5%) and one vote was cast for none of our three choices. 

Chiklis is a veteran actor that got his start with a guest appearance on Miami Vice in 1989. Thereafter, he also has guest roles on Murphy Brown, L.A. Law, and even Seinfeld. His first real breakthrough into television was as Tony Scali on the TV series Commish  from 1991-1996. He continued to make his guest appearance rounds on TV until 2002 when he stepped out of from behind his commissioner's desk and headed to the streets as rugged cop Vic Mackey in the hit show The Shield. Chiklis received an Emmy award and a Golden Globe as Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama. His success has now pushed him into feature films, such as The Fantasic 4 and Eagle Eye and can now be seen on the televsion series No Ordinary Family.

Only a few more character polls remain. Our December poll will be for Bruno "Mad Dog" Shepard followed by Nash Gorey. We've had a few ask if we will post a poll for Scott Trakker, so we will swing back to M.A.S.K. side in February to complete!! Thanks for your participation as always!!

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