M.A.S.K. Episode 6: Dinosaur Boy

Episode 6: Dinosaur Boy
Air Date: Oct 7, 1985

PLOT: V.E.N.O.M. abducts a strange lizard creature whose antibodies prolong human life.

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  1. I thought this one was fairly weak all around as far as plot and action goes. I gave it a 2. The only highlight for me was the extended blank stare on Dusty's face when Matt was trying to explain Bruce's proverb to him. That part cracked me up.

  2. This episode is not among my favourites. Whether it`s correct to save a dinosaur`s life instead of giving a human a longer life is a discussion on its own. (Were they even going to kill the dinosaur?) Gloria`s comment "Poor little baby dinosaur!" becomes a bit comical in its context.
    However the episode also has good scenes. Matt`s elevator ride is probably the best. I can imagine what a nightmarish feeling that would have been! I also like the scene when Vanessa falls of Jackhammer and shakes her fist at Dagger. I can hardly imagine them represent Gloria the same way!


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