M.A.S.K. Episode 10: Death From the Sky

Episode 10: Death From the Sky

AIR DATE: Oct 11, 1985
PLOT: V.E.N.O.M. uses a tractor beam to steer a meteor to Earth which threatens to destroy a major city.
Characters: (M.A.S.K.) Matt Trakker, Alex Sector, Bruce Sato, Gloria Baker, Hondo Maclean, Scott & T-Bob (V.E.N.O.M.) Miles Mayhem, Cliff Dagger, Sly Rax, Vanessa Warfield.
Vehicles: (M.A.S.K.) Thunderhawk, Rhino, Firecracker (V.E.N.O.M.) Switchblade, Jackhammer, Piranha

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  1. A pretty decent episode. I liked the part early on where Scott and T-Bob sneak up on Matt as he's analyzing the voice sample, then spring up after it's confirmed as VENOM. Also some good bits of action in this one, like when Alex uses Rhino's battering ram to deflect the boulder, Bruce's Lifter mask becoming too much for him to handle, Dagger getting his mask hit with Firecracker's freeze ray, and Rax launching Piranha's sub on the mountain road and taking out Firecracker before dropping into the water. A lot of neat "little touches" in this one.


  2. You probably think this is my favourite episode because I am from Norway, but actually it`s not among my absolute favourites, although I think the episode is ok. I`m very grateful that they chose not to represent Norwegians as idiots with national costumes and weird accents, like they did in the episode from Iceland a little later in the show.


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