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M.A.S.K. Vehicles Made From Paper!

If you follow the M.A.S.K. Movie Facebook page, you probably know that I love fan art. There are many talented M.A.S.K. fans on Deviant Art and other sites that I love to search now and again for unique creations. One artist recently caught my eye with his fantastic paper and cardboard models of M.A.S.K. vehicles.

Lester C. Rodriguez Cruz of Honduras goes by "paperman2010" on Deviant Art and rightfully so. He currently has a collection of well over 100 models made from paper or cardboard. His creations include Transformers, Go-Bots, and of course M.A.S.K., plus all of his models TRANSFORM! Check out this video of his Rhino model...

I've posted the Rhino and motorcycle vehicles to Facebook recently and had to explore his entire collection. He has created 15 M.A.S.K. vehicles including Shark and another 9 V.E.N.O.M. vehicles. Here is a shot of his complete collection in vehicle and defense mode...

So how did he do this you ask? Cruz states in the description of the photo above:
Some models were made with my own templates in Office 2003’s MICROSOFT VISIO and others with my hands piece by piece without templates in cardboard and paper, all the pilots with their mask were made in paper. The colors and sizes are taken from design in a squared notebook.
My favorite is definitely Manta. I can definitely appreciate the detail on Thunderhawk and Hurricane (Nightstalker,) but the windshield detail on Manta makes it look like it came right out of your television screen...

Be sure to check out all of the vehicles in Cruz's M.A.S.K. gallery on Deviant Art and also visit his Youtube channel to see all of his M.A.S.K. creations in action!

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