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M.A.S.K. Episode 27 "Panda Power"

Our next episode to review on MASKast will be #27 "Panda Power." This time M.A.S.K. is in China and must rescue panda bears and a sculptor held captive by V.E.N.O.M. agents. M.A.S.K. must be careful not to use there normal weapons against Mayhem for fear of harming the bears. Check out the episode stats...

AIR DATE: Nov 5, 1985
Characters: (M.A.S.K.) Matt Trakker, Bruce Sato, Alex Sector, Hondo MacLean, Scott & T-Bob. (V.E.N.O.M.) Miles Mayhem, Sly Rax, Vanessa Warfield, Cliff Dagger.
Vehicles: (M.A.S.K.) Thunderhawk, Rhino, Firecracker. (V.E.N.O.M.) Switchblade, Piranha, Jackhammer, Manta.

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  1. Boy... what an episode. I could probably write an essay about this but I'll try to keep it brief - for me that is. First, I will give the episode credit for some good animation. The use of stock footage was limited. However, what was the plot of this episode? Miles wanted statues? That is one of the lamest VENOM objectives to date. Also, did anyone notice the only reason M.A.S.K. can locate VENOM is BECAUSE they kidnapped the pandas?! If they had just kidnapped the sculptor M.A.S.K. would have had no leads and all the statues could have easily been finished. There were also numerous audio issues that bugged me. They seemed to sync the wrong background music a bunch of times, most notably on the agent call up. They also have a line where Bruce speaks but it's Matt's voice. I did love the ending. It's not a new joke for M.A.S.K., but any episode where Sly gets harassed by the wildlife makes me laugh till I hurt. Seeing his heart printed underwear was especially funny. This episode had some major issues but for some reason I liked parts of it a lot. I voted for 3.

    P.S. Matt going to Tiananmen Square had to be eerie for someone besides me, right?

  2. I think this was an ok episode, but not one of the best. At first I didn’t understand why VENOM needed the pandas, but they simply wanted to use them as protection from being attacked. This seems like a really bothersome way of protecting yourself. Also, it was the fact that they had the pandas that made MASK discover them so quickly, and the bears were quite easy to lure away.
    There are a couple of good Vanessa-scenes in this episode. I like it when she blows exhaust on Mayhem and Dagger, and of course there is her priceless line “Ladies before whatever...” to Dagger, which is probably the best line coming from anyone in the episode.

    The only reason why MASK lets VENOM go at the end is - the way I see it - that if VENOM gets caught, there won’t be any more episodes. The pandas could always have waited. They weren’t in any immediate danger. Matt would of course also never have survived the fall into the tomatoes in the real world, but I choose not to put too much emphasis on this, because it’s simply the way cartoons are like.

  3. As Anna says above, there was no reason for kidnapping the Panda's other than for protection. Therefore, it was a pretty lame plot.

    I also feel that given the seriousness of the missing Panda's, there seems to be a lot of poor taste Bear Jokes. I think the plot is more about getting the jokes in rather than actually anything else!

    It also seems pointless carving statues of yourself - but surely Easter Island is a bit out of the way - who's going to see them?

    Then we come to the Box/Scoop on Manta! I can find the idea of a Nissan ZX turning into a jet and flying - but with a big box on it? Then the large gouges in the ground that seemingly Manta left scooping up the Panda's? Hmmm.... the gouges were far larger than the box and Manta combined - and where did all of the dirt go??

    Am I the only one who found the whole Crate attached to Thunderhawk both ridiculous (refer back to my Manta comments) and perhaps a bit precognitive? It's almost as if one of the writers heard a rumour of a toy crate that was going to turn into plane and the rest they say is........ Hornet!

    Even Miles makes a jibe about M.A.S.K. vehicles being old crates!!


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