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Listen To M.A.S.K. Audiobooks Online

Remember reading and following along with audiobooks as a kid? I remember owning a few Read-Along Adventures books that came with a story book and an accompanying 45 record including He-Man & the Masters of the Universe and Scooby-Doo. I don't remember having any M.A.S.K. audiobooks as a kid.

Well, a recent discovery on YouTube led me on a hunt to find what M.A.S.K. audio books were released in the '80s. I previously knew that a Mission: Meteor story book existed, because I was able to purchase one a couple years ago as I began my own collection of memorabilia. I assumed more were released but never really researched what was available until now.

What I found out this past week was a YouTube video featuring the audio to my storybook! Thanks to YouTube users Fang1701 and Der Lauscher Treff, and the website Discogs, I was able to piece together the following M.A.S.K. library of audiobooks. It appears most of the English versions were also released in the U.K., but Discogs only shows my book as being released in the United States. I also found several released in Germany and a couple in France.

Mission: Meteor
Mission: Meteor was released in 1986 under the Golden label. The story book came with an audio cassette featuring the story on side A and "record your own story" on side B. Most of you will recognize this story as an adapted version of episode 1 "The Deathstone" from the animates series.

M.A.S.K.: 4 Fabulous Adventure Story Books
The Tempo label released a 4-volume set of M.A.S.K. story books along with a longplay audio cassette in 1987. Three of the stories can be found online including Car Wars, Volcano of V.E.N.O.M., and Mask-A-Raid:

A fourth story was titled "Double Double Cross," but could not find it online.

Adventures of M.A.S.K.
The next series of stories comes from a collection released in the U.K. in 1987. The Adventures of M.A.S.K. audiobook contains four separate stories that apparently were also released as hardbacks. The stories seem to be spliced from different hardback collections, so maybe one of our U.K. agents can share some more information on this particular audiobook. The stories include "The Crystallizer", "Underwater Mayhem", "Robots of Mayhem", and  "Mayhem's Monster Madness."

Secret of the Andes
Also available is Secret of the Andes which was produced in the U.K. in 1988. It also is an adapted version of cartoon episode 26. I couldn't find much information of this audiobook and wonder if more were produced based on cartoon episodes.

German Audiobooks
German agents will be happy to know that 13 audiobooks are available on YouTube via user Der Lauscher Treff. What's great about this collection is it appears some are unique stories (or could be just the translation.) Other titles appear obvious story adaptations from the cartoon. Click the titles below to listen in German...
  1. The Deadly Meteor (Der Tödliche Meteor)
  2. The Mysterious Monastery (Das Geheimnisvolle Kloster)
  3. The Treasure Of Kublai Khan (Der Schatz Des Kublai Khan)
  4. The Miniature Machine (Die Miniaturmaschine)
  5. The Raid In Glühwürmchengrotte (Der Überfall In Der Glühwürmchengrotte)
  6. The Revenge Of The Bank Director (Die Rache Des Bankdirektors)
  7. The Oscillation Bomb (Die Schwingungsbombe)
  8. The Star Cars (Der Sternenwagen)
  9. The Lizards Gods (Die Eidechsengötter)
  10. The Rotek Beetle (Die Rotek Käfer)
  11. The Track of the Money Conterfeiter (Die Spur Des Geldfälschers)
  12. The Dangerous Rocket Satellite (Der Gefährliche Raketensatellit)
  13. Assault on The Statue of Liberty (Anschlag Auf Die Freiheitsstatue)
The covers featured in this German collection are very unique and can be seen on the Discogs website. I plan to pin the images to our Pinterest page.

French Audio Releases

Discogs list two French releases of M.A.S.K. which includes a 7" vinyl record and an audiocassette. The record was actually a single of the M.A.S.K. theme! Side A featured the theme sung by Noam & Nick Carr with side B a track called "The Knights of Our Time" which might have been another theme song? (Help me out, French agents!)

The 2nd release was a two story cassette titled 2 Histoires featuring "Mission Destruction" and "The Complete Infamy of V.E.N.O.M." I couldn't find these available online, but thought I'd share the info via the Discogs.Com website.

Feel free to add any I missed and would appreciate your help to fill in the gaps I noted above.

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