More Lego Finds Featuring M.A.S.K.

Last year, we came across a few Lego creations for M.A.S.K. and well, the list continues to grow. As I was thumbing through Google images, I came across a few more creations that I thought we should share with you.
To welcome us through our article is the infamous crew, those scoundrels we hate to love or love to hate, the agents of VENOM.
Next on our list are the super bikes of the series, Piranha and Condor complete with their masked pilots.
Preparing to jump into Lake Mead for a fishing trip is Dusty with Gator.
But wait, Dagger and Torch are preparing to intercept Dusty's fishing trip with Jackhammer.
Here we have Matt, Scott, and TBob preparing for a little jaunt in Thunderhawk.
Finally, we have Rhino with Bruce and Matt preparing for another day at the battlefield.

With all of the artistry and talent out there...Hasbro, we are ready for a revitalization of Mobile Armored Strike Kommand! It's time to energize!

Flickr Image Credit: Alex Jones, Hobbestimus, Ralph S

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