M.A.S.K. Theme Performed Live & Other Great Covers

After posting some of the best remixes of the M.A.S.K. theme in April, it's now time to look at the best cover versions I've found. What is a cover song? It's simply a new performance of a previously recorded original song. Some talented M.A.S.K. fans have posted their performances of the theme song on YouTube including both instrumental and with vocals.

Most use the shortened 1-minute intro version, however, there are a few performers who use the full 3 minute version of the theme. First up, its the instrumental cover songs in which you'll hear great electric guitar work (some with a full backing band) and one inventive recreation using a Game Boy and U-Create!

Now, the covers with vocals. Some really talented people in this group including Charley Corbiaux of Bad Arts Lab who posted a 6-bit video of himself performing all instruments and vocals! Also included is Video Micro's version which we use for the current MASKast intro, a cover by Toe Hider who put the track on their Children of the Sun EP, a full cover by Matias D'Andrea, and a version by Sergio using only a Ukulele!

And last but not least is a live concert performance of the full theme by the band Uata!


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