This Boat/Van Combo Could Easily Be A M.A.S.K. Vehicle

Wyatt and I have talked about one day owning a real life Thunder Hawk replica. It wouldn't have the jet engines and undercarriage missiles (although that would be cool,) but rather one we could drive to conventions and car shows to help promote M.A.S.K. as a live-action movie. Of course, it would have gullwing doors and the transforming spoiler/bumper to wow the on-lookers.

But until our Thunder Hawk dream comes true, I've found another vehicle that could easily become a real-life advertisement for a M.A.S.K. movie. Check out this YouTube clip from skylane227 that shows what Gator and Slingshot might look like if you mixed their vehicles together. I even like the paint scheme and detailing on the vehicle...very M.A.S.K.-like!

And in cased you missed it, check out the amphibious Jeep we found that could easily be Gator.

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  1. If you're after a Thunderhawk, consider a custom paint scheme or vinyl wrap on a Tesla Model X. It's no Camaro, but it's a whole lot quicker and has a bioweapon defense mode. I think the power falcon-wing doors were inspired by the show, personally.


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