Matt Trakker Cosplay By DJForce

Wyatt and I have been featuring some great M.A.S.K. cosplayers on our Facebook page recently and I felt like we needed to feature this particular Matt Trakker cosplay on the site. Thanks to the M.A.S.K. community on Facebook, I found this Spectrum Hanglider cosplay and shared on Facebook...
After a little digging online, I discovered the full album of Matt Trakker cosplay photos by DJForce. The costume is superb, but what really caught my I was the added touch of effects in some of the photos. It's one thing to create a great costume, but putting it in action really shows the fan's work at heart. I also love that the Thunder Hawk and Rhino vehicles were incorporated in a few of the photos. Check out a few of my favorites below and then see the full album by DJForce on the Animexx website. (click photos to enlarge.)

All photos courtesy DJForce

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