Custom M.A.S.K. Toy Accessories By DJ Force

Fellow M.A.S.K. enthusiast and friend DJ Force has showcased some creative talent over the last couple months. We've already showed you the awesome Matt Trakker cosplay photos back in June but his design skills don't end there. He has taken customizing his personal collection to a whole new level. First, check out a photo from "Project MASK" which really shows his skill at bringing details from the original toyline to the surface.
He's now brought his skill to DJ Force Weapons Forge which features custom accessories for M.A.S.K. and Masters of the Universe toys. Of course, our focus is the M.A.S.K. accessories available and we'll be linking directly to the online store where you can buy these accessories. As you'll see, these custom parts can "upgrade" your collection to more screen accurate vehicles. For Gator, the rotating freeze cannon is what first caught my eye...
But Gator upgrades won't end there as a custom engine block, baseplate, and turbine are also available. Want a T-Bob that looks more like his counterpart on the show and not a Transformer? Check out these custom limbs that simply fit into the existing figure...
Missing some those elusive accessories that cost a fortune on eBay like the Thunderhawk bombs? You can snag a set of bombs and also Firecracker's rollbar lights in DJ Force's online store. Plus if your a Bullet fan, there is also custom exhaust pipes available to add that missing detail from the cartoon.

Now it's time to get creative. One of the essential parts of the show was what Wyatt and I call "the M.A.S.K. room" on MASKast. There was never a toy released to reenact that scene from the show so DJ Force has created the holographic table, base, and chairs to give your collection that "wow factor."
Another unique recreation the monorail tunnel from the Trakker mansion to Boulder Hill. So far, DJ Force has listed the tunnel pieces with the promise of the monorail car itself to come. The M.A.S.K. room pieces and monorail are quite expensive, but I guarantee your collection will be leaps and bounds above others who don't have these custom pieces.

For a complete selection of available products, visit the DJ Force Weapons Force store on the Shapeways website. I also invite you to connect with the DJ Force Weapons Forge Facebook page for life-size prop creations and cosplay as well as the Toy Design Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on toy accessories.

All photos used with permission from DJ Force.

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