We Want You To Recast Our M.A.S.K. Movie!!

Back in 2011 when we first started promoting our movie script, we asked our fellow M.A.S.K. fans to vote on which actors should make up the cast. Three years have passed since then and unfortunately we haven't had any knowledge of major Hollywood studios developing the blockbuster movie we all want to see. So in an attempt to rejuvenate interest and also keep our movie pitch fresh, we want our fellow agents and community of fans to help us recast M.A.S.K.: The Movie! Now let's go over the strategy to recast.

Step 1: Nominate Your Favorite Actors
Step 2: Vote For Your Top 4

We'll be gathering actor nominations for each character in our script and tally the top choices over the next few weeks (please keep in mind the appearances and personalities of the cartoon characters.) We will release new polls asking fans to vote for their top 4 choices for each character. After the new polls end, we'll take those top 4 choices to put in our final recast ballot.

Step 3: Add Previous Choices To Final Ballot
Step 4: Vote For Your Top Choice On Final Ballot

Although we are calling this a recast, we don't want to simply disregard the previous choices as many of them were very good and could still be perfect for the character. So, we are giving the original cast an automatic slot in our final recast ballot (along with the top 4 choices from the new polls.) We'll then ask for your #1 choice of the 5 finalists. When the final ballot voting is closed, we'll then announce the results and post the winners on our Movie Pitch page as our actor choices.

Here are the characters we want you to recast:

  • Matt Trakker
  • Gloria Baker
  • Alex Sector
  • Dusty Hayes
  • Brad Turner
  • Bruce Sato
  • Scott Trakker (NEW)
  • Voice of T-Bob (NEW)
  • Miles Mayhem
  • Vanessa Warfield
  • Sly Rax
  • Cliff Dagger
  • Nash Gorey
  • Bruno Shepard
Step 1 is now active!! Submit your choices for each character in the comments below or email to jason@agentsofmask.com if you like. We'll also be asking for nominations for each individual character on our Facebook and Twitter feeds in the upcoming weeks if you'd like to wait and participate then. Thanks in advance for helping us choose a new cast!!

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