Jason's M.A.S.K. Collection

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I've FINALLY chronicled my M.A.S.K. collection for all the world to see! After several years of collecting and re-collecting M.A.S.K. vehicles sets and memoribilia, I recently shot a video of everything I've managed to procure since 2011.

I didn't have many vehicles growing up in the '80s. I remember having Condor, Piranha, Hurricane, Pit Stop Catapult, and Boulder Hill. A mutual friend of Wyatt and I had Rhino so I occassionally got to interact with it. After I left for college, my mother gave away most of my toys and figures, but I did manage to keep Hurricane all this time. It remains as the only part of my M.A.S.K. collection that was original to me. After Wyatt and I began promoting our movie script in 2011, I got the urge to start collecting again. I decided that owning the first two toylines would be a good goal to achieve...and as you'll see, I met that goal and then some! With prices for individual toys so lofty, my strategy soon became to buy in bulk and try to sell back anything I didn't need. After a few months, I pretty much became a M.A.S.K. dealer on eBay, buying in lots and selling back complete vehicle sets that were duplicates of what I already had. A few lucky auction wins secured many of the rare Split Seconds series vehicles that I simply didn't have the heart to sell back to eBay. In 2013, I finally decided to quit the business as my collection was pretty full (including my storage space.)

For the first time since I began my collecting journey, I've filmed everything I have for my own benefit and also for M.A.S.K. fans everywhere. I hope one day I'll have the space to build a proper display for it all, but for now at least I'll have some visual evidence to review from time to time. Had a great time filming with my two boys (who you will see at the end) and hope you will enjoy watching!

Please also subscibe to the Agents of M.A.S.K. YouTube channel as we are planning to release more videos in the future!

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