Final Ballot For Our M.A.S.K. Movie Recast Is Now Available!

Way back in August, we asked our followers to recast our live-action M.A.S.K. Movie. It had been three years since we initially gathered actors through polling and decided it was time to revisit those selections.

One by one over the course of the last couple months, we asked for your suggestions for each of the 12 adult characters in our script. (We'll let Hollywood choose the child actor for Scott.) Using your suggestions, we narrowed down the actors and asked you to choose your 4 favorites. The initial actor selection and those new top 4 picks are what make up the final ballot and now we are ready to choose a winner! After the winners are chosen over the next few weeks, we'll post them to the "Our Pitch" webpage on the site as our choice as the best actor for each character.

For the final ballot, we've include a couple new features. You'll be able to see each nominee along with the character in photo montages. The 12 polls are also in a new scrollable set, so once you vote you'll be taken directly to the next poll!

Thanks again for your participation and happy voting! The final ballot is posted on the Actor Polls page and also below...


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  1. Valley has the facial features down pat
    Only reason Eckharts getting more votes is cause he's famous for the Dark Knight movie

  2. Actually, If you look at the cartoon images of Matt Trakkers face, Ackhart has very similar features, just look at the jawline , I think he would look great in a Mask Movie as Matt.


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