MASKast 45: Series 2 Toys

Wyatt and Jason are back with the "A-team" to talk toys! Listen now to MASKast 45 as we welcome Bill Faries of and Erik Tukey of for a roundtable discussion of the series 2 toyline.

We'll give our opinions of all 8 vehicles and 10 figures, plus some collecting tips if you are looking to add to your M.A.S.K. collection. Listen to the TV commercials that were released in conjunction with the toys. We'll also announce the results of the listener poll and read comments along with a brief comparison of the toys to their cartoon counterparts.

We did simulcast on YouTube using Google Hangouts so check out the recording session video. Apologies for the audio and video feeds as we anticipated the quality to be much better. Nonetheless, we hope you'll enjoy MASKast 45!

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  1. Good Morning,

    Just finished listening to MASKast 45. Unfortunately, the time and in the UK when you were live wasn't suitable for me to listen to it then - so catching up now.

    When you were discussing the differences between the cartoon and the toyline with respects to names - there were a couple of other differences. Sometimes Gorey's Power House Mask would be called Samson. At times Ace Riker's Ricochet Mask would be called Boomerang.

    As I never collected the toys (although I did end up with a few before the disappeared from the shops) none of the ones I had were the Series 2 toys. As I mentioned in another comment, my son, Reece, now has some of the series two toys.

    Raven was the first one he received and I would say it's one of the best toys. I think it looks good and works very well - especially as it's almost 30 years old. It didn't come with the disks - but everything else works on it.

    Firefly was one that he specifically asked Santa for (or at least - he asked for Julio Lopez). This is a strange one as toy - the front wheels are that flimsy that they don't actually touch the ground in Dune Buggy mode. There appears to be a plastic "fin" on the underside of one of the wings to prevent pressure being applied onto the vehicle which would end up breaking the wheels off.

    That being said, it does look good - especially in Rocket Glider Mode.

    Although he didn't ask for Hurricane or Slingshot - he also received these from Santa Claus. Of all of the toys, Hurricane seems to have lasted longer and is in great condition. I don't think it's been over played with. I like the mechanism for converting it and the colours are great.

    Slingshot was always one of my favourites and now that Reece has it, I do agree with the sides not closing very well.

    There is also a knack to putting the jet back into the landing/takeoff platform. Once you have mastered this, the jet can sit correctly, but is very easy for the wings to pop out as mentioned in your cast.

    However, it is only in the UK Comics that these vehicles come alive. The versions in the cartoons differ from the toys - I guess part of this was to make it easier to make the cartoons. Could you imagine having to do the Snake Oil logo on the side of Outlaw for each frame?

    If M.A.S.K. was made now as a cartoon in CGI I'd love to see all of the details from the toys and the UK Comics.

    In the UK comic, what with the centrespreads that rivaled the toy package for greatness and the artistry or the black and white strips - I think it's easy to see why M.A.S.K. had longevity here and in other countries that it didn't seem to have in the US.

    I was always perplexed as to why Slingshot never had a co-pilot - someone to look after the rest of the RV whilst Ace went off in the Jet. The same could be said for Riker's other vehicle, Meteor.

    I guess that's maybe whey the Split Seconds toys came about. Although, I'm not a fan of that range!!


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