'The Goldbergs' Creator Chimes In On M.A.S.K. In Recent Interview

If you are an "80s-oholic" like Wyatt and I, you've probably watched the sitcom "The Goldbergs" on ABC. The show is pure '80s pop culture and creator Adam F. Goldberg (born in 1976) uses his real-life experiences to feed the shows storylines and backdrops through its youngest character.

If you follow Adam on social media, you might have heard recently that he has pitched a Gobots movie to Hasbro. According to a recent appearance on the Goldnerds podcast, he first pitched the movie out of pure fandom and was invited back to pitch again! It was pretty cool to hear his passion and I liken it to our quest to see M.A.S.K. on the big screen. Of course, the quest to pitch our movie script would be a little shorter if we had a hit sitcom and some leeway in Hollywood. But it seems the possibility of a M.A.S.K. movie has also been on Adam's mind the past couple years. Although not as passionate as GoBots, a recent interview with Newsarama revealed that Adam holds M.A.S.K. in high accord.

The interview was quite lengthy and ended with a "ultimate '80s nerd quiz." While giving his answers, Adam talks about M.A.S.K. a few times. After being stumped on what triggered "Turbo Teen's" transformation, Adam says:
"Yeah! And it was also lame to me, because the car he turned into kind of looked like the M.A.S.K. car, and I thought they’d ripped off M.A.S.K."
This was the first time M.A.S.K. was brought up in the interview, so its apparent Adam knows the franchise well. And to think that the short-lived "Turbo Teen" car was made to look like Thunder Hawk tells me Adam was a fan. 

After answering a question about Sectaurs and discussing '80s franchises coming back as comic books, Adam surprisingly states:
Goldberg: A M.A.S.K. movie has come to me like three, four times now. But I just don’t think I’m the guy for that.
Nrama: I only really liked the theme song. I hated that kid with the robot.
Goldberg: But a truly underrated toy line of the 1980s. I would say I liked them better than G.I. Joe. Is that a crazy thing to say?
Nrama: No, no – I worked at a toy shop, and we sold a ton of them.
Goldberg: They were so damn sturdy by most toy standards. I felt like Transformers, for example – they got very plasticky with the Insecticons, the Constructicons. But M.A.S.K., a lot of those were thick and rubbery. Very durable.
WOW! 3 or 4 times he's turned down a pitch for a M.A.S.K. movie? Well, I can honestly say that Wyatt and I were not one of those times mentioned, but it's cool that there are more M.A.S.K. fans writing scripts and actively pursuing a chance to pitch them. Although Adam mentions he's not that guy for that, I think if his GoBots idea gets off the ground, he might give M.A.S.K. a chance in the future. He might not be the right producer, but his comments above about liking the toyline above G.I. Joe sounds to me like he could make a great pitch for a comeback.

It was really great to hear M.A.S.K. mentioned by someone actually in the business. I feel like it's going to take someone like Adam who is passionate about M.A.S.K. and can truly see the potential to motivate Hasbro to revamp the franchise its been setting on for decades. We'll be keeping up with Adam on Twitter as should all M.A.S.K. fans. He interacts with his fans so follow him and tell him to put more M.A.S.K. on "The Goldbergs!"


I tweeted Adam last night and told him to put more M.A.S.K. toys in his show. He followed us today and retweeted this article with a little message...

YES!!!!!!! Thanks for that vote of confidence, Adam!! Looks like I just became the #1 fan for a new Gobots movie!! Let's all get the Gobots theme stuck in our heads!!


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