MASKast 49: Lipizzaner Mystery

Jason and Wyatt are back with a extended review of M.A.S.K. episode 36 "Lipizzaner Mystery". Why extended? Well, we received several great feedback reviews from our listeners and we took the time to read every one. We also take a good bit of time to reflect on our journey to review the entire M.A.S.K. series as we approach MASKast 50! We also manage to talk a little about the Silverhawks cartoon and several other M.A.S.K.-related rabbit trails (surprisingly.) As always, we have a blast recording and this podcast is no exception. Sit back and listen to our play-by-play commentary mixed in with audio clips as we review another well-done episode in the series. Listen along as we continue our journey to review the entire M.A.S.K. series! Stream below or connect with one of our feeds...

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  1. There seems to be some discussion over the whole hogs eating someone -

    I don't get it myself!

    PS - Scotland! I'm definitely from Scotland!

    1. I got it right!!!

      Yeah, "the South" has some crazy slang and phrases here in the US.


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